About us

Myallgadgets.com - an educational video portal about gadgets, new technologies, high-tech, applications, games, Google, Android, Apple and geek culture

Gadgets are original technological devices. Since they are completely different and designed for different purposes (watches and phones, docking stations and microphones, projectors and miniature robots), gadgets greatly simplify the life of a person who lives in high-tech style and will not leave you bored. They can not be described in one word, which is why they came up with a new word - gadgets.

The Myallgadgets.com team monitors news from the world of high technology, science and technology and timely delivers it to its users in the format of video reviews. We love technology, respect science and understand high technology.

Today, the hi-tech industry gives us many reasons and reasons why yesterday's information was fantastic, but today it does not seem like a distant future, it is already a reality, because science does not stand still and new technological gadgets appear every day.

The goal of Myallgadgets.com is to tell hi-tech technology lovers about new devices, applications and games in an interesting, fast and easy way. Every day we look for the latest and most interesting news on the development of new trends in the world of technology and technology. We select and publish only the most relevant, important and interesting video reviews of gadgets.