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CES 2020
Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In Other

Imagine you are filthy rich and have a five-bedroom home in the English countryside. How will you hold your house secure? A massive door with a nice intercom system? Multiple cameras and smart locks? That's therefore old hat. Sunflower Labs, a business light emitting diode by former Evernote executive Alex Pachikov, is begging something much more expensive: a residential security drone that, when used, may have a look at disturbances autonomously.

The system begins with'Sunflowers,' a collection of motion and shake detectors that dual as color-changing garden lights. Each rose has a 20-foot recognition radius and may precisely distinguish between persons, vehicles and animals. Which is good, because you never wish to be woken up whenever a fox trots across your lawn. (Unless, of course, you love creatures and want to fully capture them on film.) If you are maybe not expecting any guests, you are able to release the light'Bee'drone and settle-back as it investigates further. The quadcopter uses GPS and "ultrasonic collision-avoidance detectors" to stay airborne and livestream every thing it activities to your phone.

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